Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Love my job!

Today I had an appointment with Ms Marion. She is a lovely woman who was recently widowed after 60 years of marriage! She is planning to move back up north to be closer to family and needs to sell her home. Her first great grandchild is expecting this fall. As she showed me pictures of all the family members lining the wall, i thought about how much I love my job! We toured the home all the while sharing about her life with the man she married at 20 years of age. He loved yard work and he loved his home in South Carolina. 
How great is it to have a glimpse into other people's lives? To learn from our elders like Ms Marion, or to celebrate first time home ownership with young people....everyday is new and exciting!! After 40 years in real estate sales, helping people buy and sale homes, I still love it!! Sure there are bad days. Days when your hair is limp from measuring a house in this summer humidity. Days when inspections go badly or we have bad news to deliver to our clients. It makes me want to take a break. Only a short break because there is no better career for me!